A new design created specifically to meet the requirements of the EU directive on prevention of sharps injury brought into force in May 2013.

The system incorporates a unique selection of connector tubing configurations to meet the widest range of clinical needs.

  • A passive and effective needle safety system.
  • Soft catheter construction for maximum dwell times.
  • Licensed specifically for subcutaneous administration.
  • Optional connector system to meet a wide range of clinical needs.
  • Very low priming volumes (Less than 0.2mL).
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free construction.
Product Matrix

The table below shows the product options available for the Saflo™ product range.

All the connector options are based upon the common primary connection provided by the standard catheter assembly.

This will make it possible to choose the best option to meet the changing clinical and social needs of your patients across the duration of their treatments.

Manufactureres Code NHS Supply Code Description Box Quantity
SFC100-00 FSB1698 Needle safe subcutaneous cannula 10
SFT060-00 N/A Connector tube 60cm for Saflo 10
SFT100-00 FSB1699 Connector tube 100 cm for Saflo 10
SFT100-SP FSB1701 Connector tube 100cm with side injection port for Saflo 10
SFP001-00 FSB1700 Injection port adaptor for Saflo 10

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