Anti-siphon Set

Standard Set

Infutech are pleased to present the first of the new Saflo™ range of products designed specifically for use in a wide range of subcutaneous infusion applications.

The products in this range have been created following extensive work with practitioners in this area to meet their daily requirements.

Due to the close links with the manufacturer of this range of infusion sets we are able to make customised product where special requirements can be identified.

The principle features of this new range of extension sets are:

  • Very low priming volumes: less that 0.2mL per set.
  • Tri-layer tubing construction using DEHP free PVC for a soft outer layer for comfort, with a polyethyline inner layer for maximum drug compatibility.
  • Kink resistant tubing.
  • Available as standard product or with an anti-siphon valve.

The range comprises the following options:

Code NHS Supply Code Description Tubing Length Box Quantity
SFX150-00 FSB1736 Microvolume Extension Set 150cm 10
SFX100-AS FSB1840 Microvolume Extension Set with anti-siphon system 100cm 10

Contact your local distributor for further information and prices'.